Bio-Energetic Breathing

Bio-Energetic BreathingBio-Energetic BreathingBio-Energetic Breathing

Build the energy you need for the healthy life you deserve!


Wisdom Teaching

Self Knowledge is timeless wisdom that both has been passed down through the ages and is attained through direct internal awareness. There are core principles that can be observed within ones self and within nature. These principles give us true understanding into the nature of consciousness and our relationship with nature, humanity, and spirit. Self Knowledge is the priceless treasure of humanity and the true solution to all our afflictions.  


Body, Mind, and Spiritual Disciplines

The Wisdom teachings are a call to action. Through discipline we refine ourselves and continue to integrate what we have learned. It is known as the great work. Finding the discipline that will serve your present needs is important. Learning always continues and it is important to continue your learning so that you will keep growing in the right direction. Through practicing your discipline you will gain new skills and favorably change your conditioned state. 


Adventure Retreats

Mystical Human Adventures is best described as a combination of exploring nature, having fun, learning, healing, getting inspired, connecting other like minded people, and going on a retreat. We are here to enjoy this beautiful life and to share experiences together. So we have created some amazing retreat adventures for you.

Dao Yin Yoga classes online

Try this energy activation warmup sequence for free. If you like it there are over 6 hours of video available. Dao Yin Yoga is a very powerful discipline that will transform your stress into vitality and open up your inner space for self exploration and awakening. You can find the Dao Yin Yoga Classes under the Online Training button in the menu. 

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Mystical Human Adventures Team

We are here to make your life better through wisdom teachings, body, mind, and spiritual disciplines, and adventure retreats. We know the most fulfilling experiences are when we are centered and aligned


Founder and Lover of Life Aaron Erickson

Mystic, Wisdom Teacher, Healing Arts Practitioner, and Adventure Retreats Leader 


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